Temazcal Spa

The word Temazcal has ancient Mesoamerican origins, meaning “house of heat” or “temple of warm stones,” and was used in Aztec and Mayan cultures to heal and purify the mind, body and soul. The ceremony represents a return to the womb of Mother Earth, and is still used today in many parts of Mexico and Central America for spiritual and health reasons. The purpose of the Temazcal is to be reborn, by balancing participant’s wisdom, awareness and will. The ritual has endless physiological and psychological benefits, and works as an excellent stress reliever because it detoxifies and regenerates cells.

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This is the real hot spot in Riviera Maya. Temazcal is similar to a sweat lodge but it’s much more spiritual—cleansing your body, mind, and soul.


This ancient ritual has been practiced for thousands of year’s through-out Mexico and Central America. It takes place in a small adobe igloo, sealed in total darkness. Red-hot lava rocks are placed in the center and doused with water infused with local aromatic herbs, as an experienced Shaman chants and guides you through your therapeutic journey.


After sweating out all your spiritual and physical impurities in temperatures up to 104ºF, you’ll leave with a sense of inner harmony, enlightenment and rejuvenation.

Also Featured at Hard Rock Riviera Maya

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